El-jawhara Co believes & abides by : All injuries & occupational are preventable & all Operation rely on safety. Any compromise in HSE will be detrimental to both social & our own interests, developing employee's enthusiasm in HSE & carving HSE in their consciousness will be an important part in the creation of its corporate culture. Effective HSE training is a significant access to improving employees HSE consciousness and all skills and to comprehending HSE quitessence and good HSE performance in the responsibility of all Eljawhara  Co Staff. It is duty of management and all service provided by the company to any all of its clients.
Equally, all company employees must exercise a personal responsibility in preventing injury to themselves, their fellow worker and loss to the company and/or the clients or third party personnel or property.
In El jawhara Co we are commmitted to 
- Pursue the goal of :
           1- Zero injury
           2-Zero environment pollution
           3-Zero Damage Loss
           4-Zero Complaints and suing
- Include HSE as an Integral Part of product quality & business planning.
- Allocate the necessary time & financial ressource to HSE matter & define objectives & standards.
- Meet regularly to discuss & review HSE matter Riperformance.
-Ensure good communication throughout the company & with our clients.
-Keep up to date on HSE law and industry trends & initiatives.
-Minimize or control hazard to an acceptable level in any of its activities.
-Set a personal example in day-to-day work
-Visit field operation regularly.
-Provide recognition of good HSE performance.
-Include HSE performance in personal rating.

The creation & maintenance of this culture require the support of all employees, drivers & I abors of El Jawhara Company. In this way, we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of to earn the confidence of client and society, to have a good neighbor and to contribute to sustainable development.

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