Al-jawhara Aljadeeda is Libyan Company established in 1995 and represents a legacy of the efforts done by Banguia Family since 1958. We are in the business for providing integrated logistic support services to the oil & gas sector.
Al-Jawhara Ajadeeda provides services in the areas of all heavy transportation and all lifting engines. We obtain our strength, sureness, flexibity, professionalism,pleasant and responsible service by our professional employees and representatives. We constantly strive to enhance our quality and to meet the HSE standards and improve our ability to provide our services to our current and future clients . At (actually) present Al-Jawhara Aljadeeda Company is a well know name in the national market thanks to its professional approch.
(Al-Jawhara Aljadeeda) The company is offering full logistical support during all stages of the exploration and production projects.

  • We proved our ability to run and operate our bases in high standards and safe manners relying on the experiences of our team which was gained during managing previous projects including major Oil Service Companies and drilling contractors in Libya
  • We are able to support all clients by providing the best services within the range of onshore logistical support during working hours 7 days per week.