We are able to provide manpower, lifting Devices/Gears/Equipments granted by all proper inspection and certification documents to ensure the best quality of our services. 
Our priority is to supply high standards of main logistical support to all onshore locations of all oil companies, during all stages, exploration seismic/ drilling, commissioning, and development drilling and production stage as list below: 

  1   -   Provide dedicated Lifting Devices such Cranes, Trucks, Forklifts, etc…
  2   -   Material Storage, open Yards & Warehouses (Door to Door Services)
  3   -   Preventive industrial maintenance and emergency repairs at the request. 
  4   -   Equipment maintenance and inspection as the American Petroleum institute (API) standards.
  5   -  Realization of heavy and oversized transport and crane service.
  6   -  Coordination of the transport line for heavy and oversized freight. 
  7   -  Transportation of Water and fuel supply (Diesel Fuel and Water deliveries to remote fields and work sites) 
  8   -  Preparation and rental of portable camps and accommodation, offices, Maintenance and refurbishing.
  9   -  Work sites transportation/Lifting and final positioning of camp components for the Operators, Drilling contractors and service Companies.
  10 -  Drilling Operations Support.
 11 - Rig mobilization and Logistics Services Equipment and Tools Lease/Rentals including mobile trailers for     office / living use.